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Die englische Übersetzung meines Buches „Ihre Majestät die Posaune“ ist das Ergebnis der engen Zusammenarbeit der IPV mit der amerikanischen ITA, promotet durch Kenneth Hanlon, den ITA Executive Board Chair und Professor an der Universität in Las Vegas. Er finanzierte auch die Übersetzung durch Daniel C. Villanueva, Professor der Germanistik an der Universität in Las Vegas.
Erschienen ist das Buch im Verlag crescendo brass, Würzburg im Juni 2012. ISBN 978-3-00-038320-5.

Hanlon: Buchrückentext

It is a great honor and privilege for the International Trombone Association (ITA) to be involved in the translation of Ihre Majestät, die Posaune: Eine Entdeckungsreise into English: Her Majesty the Trombone: A Journey of Discovery by Karlheinz Weber.
The German-language edition of this book is in its third edition, a sure indicator of its informative and interesting content.  Now the English-speaking denizens of the world will be able to share and enjoy the historical adventure that Herr Weber has created in his work.
It should be especially noted that Mr. Weber has both excellent research and writing skills to which he brings an intimate knowledge of the trombone and its literature through his many years as a symphonic trombonist. The details that he brings forth in this volume have the casualness and ease of someone who speaks from great experience both as a performer and as a scholar.
This is a book that every serious trombonist should own and read.
Kenneth M. Hanlon
ITA Executive Board Chair


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